[digiKam-users] Need help connecting to an existing SQL DB

Fred Wilhelm siliconfalcon at live.com
Thu Oct 21 00:00:10 BST 2021

Hi Friends,

I have an Unraid server with the Digikam docker installation set to use a MySQL server. Everything is working great and I love the product.
Now, however, I would like to install the Windows version of Digikam on my laptop due to functionality issues in the Guacamole client.
When I go through the install, I am asked for the database connection info (which connects fine) but, when it completes the install, it creates a new set of empty tables and dumps my current database.
I do not want to run the Digikam server from my laptop because I have a cron job running to detect faces as pictures are uploaded to my personal cloud and the Unraid server is always running.

I am looking for the documentation to install Digikam on my Windows 10 laptop to use the existing MySQL database on my Unraid server.

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