[digiKam-users] Tags not saved to HEIC Files

Sebastian Beer sebastian.beer at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 05:37:57 BST 2021

DigiKam cannot save tags to HEIC files. You need to enable sidecars and DK will save the tags there. 

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> Am 21.10.2021 um 06:08 schrieb Parminder Dhaliwal <parminderdhaliwal at hotmail.com>:
> I am using digikam version 7.3.0 on Windows 10.  When I make any tag changes to the pictures, all the tags are saved correctly to the JPG files, but they do not get saved to the HEIC files.  The tags display fine through digicam, but when I go to File Explorer and look at the properties of the HEIC files, none of the tags are there. The date stamp on the HEIC files also remain unchanged.  I even tried executing “Write Metadata to Files” but that did not help either.
> Parminder Dhaliwal
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