[digiKam-users] Moving / Sharing collection between external HD and internal HD

Kenneth Parkes ken-gamelsby at rolywvr1.plus.com
Thu Oct 14 12:39:09 BST 2021

Hi Waren,

I assume your external drive has a USB plug. Connect it to your
desktop. Open a terminal and type [sudo apt-get install gparted]
without the brackets. Gparted will be in Administration.  Open it and
it will show your internal partitions and the partitions on your
external drive, the latter probably as /dev/sdb "some number". Right
click on the partition with your photos and left click on Information.
A display will tell you if it is mounted. If not go to the terminal and
type  [ sudo mount /dev/sdb"some number"  /media ].  Now open Home on
the monitor, click on Filesystem and then on Media.  If you have just
built a new bottom-of-the-range machine as I have it will take a few
minutes for 40.000 photos to display or their containers. Now use
Import in digikam to copy the photos onto the Pictures directory of the
internal drive or any other directory you care to nominate.

When you are travelling you can sync desktop and laptop by setting up
SSH on both machines before you leave.  SSH is a protocol for secure
connections between machines and you can connect over the internet.
Just type SSH linux into a browser and be prepared for a long read.

Hope this helps,  Ken

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