[digiKam-users] Big Problems with Digikam 7.x with MacOS Big Sur

Bryan Walton (digikam) bkw.21276 at 70mpg.org
Fri Oct 8 13:57:30 BST 2021

Thank you, Gilles, for the reply. I have created the bug report:



On 2021-10-06 11:31, Gilles Caulier wrote:
> Hi,
> This kind of dysfunction can be relevant of the new relocatable bundle 
> for
> MacOS. I suspect a missing dylib not included while packaging.
> Please report this problem in digiKam bugzilla with all details listed
> previously. I will investigate later before the next 7.4.0 release.
> Thanks in advance
> Gilles Caulier
> Le lun. 4 oct. 2021 à 15:17, Bryan Walton (digikam) 
> <bkw.21276 at 70mpg.org> a
> écrit :
>> This weekend, I replaced our computer that was previously running 
>> MacOS
>> Catalina with a computer running MacOS Big Sur.  I encountered 
>> numerous
>> issues with Digikam 7.x on this new computer.  (Previously, I was
>> running Digikam 7.x on the Catalina computer without any problems.)
>> But, on Big Sur:
>> 1. On Digikam 7.2-7.3, the camera list is empty.  And auto-detect
>> doesn't work.  (obviously 7.0 and 7.1 don't work on Big Sur, so didn't
>> try those.)
>> 2. To add a generic USB PTP Class Camera, I had to manually add it.  
>> But
>> it still doesn't work.  In fact, when I try to do an import of images
>> from my android phone set to PTP mode, Digikam immediately crashes.
>> Fortunately, and perhaps oddly, Digikam 6.4 works very well on Big 
>> Sur.
>> None of the above issues are problematic on 6.4.  I was able to select
>> the USB PTP Class Camera from the camera list, and importing works 
>> very
>> well. Once I had a 6.4 install working, I then tried separate upgrades
>> to both 7.2 and 7.3.  The USB PTP import process still causes Digikam 
>> to
>> immediately crash.
>> I tried:
>> export QT_LOGGING_RULES="digikam*=true"
>> /Applications/digiKam.org/digikam.app/Contents/MacOS/digikam
>> And what I saw was Segmentation Fault 11.
>> I've finally gone back to 6.4 and am staying there, for the immediate
>> future.  Is anybody else having these issues with Big Sur and Digikam?
>> Thanks,
>> Bryan

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