[digiKam-users] Script to Find Favorites on Library

Alex Antão alex at familiaturista.com.br
Wed Nov 24 14:17:35 GMT 2021


   This is not directly related to DIGIKAM, but I'd just like to share a script I've just made. 

   When using my MacBook, I always had an option to make a slideshow with my favorites photos from the library of iPhoto.

   But I never had this option on another system.

   So, I made a script that scans all Library (or just a single directory) and generates hard links on a specific directory to those photos marked with a Rating chosen. 

   Of course changing wallpapers are not the only use for it. You can usie your favorites photos easily on other softwares.

    This script will not work on Windows systems, filesystem must support hard links, nor among file systems between Library and output directory. 

    Hope it helps somebody:



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