[digiKam-users] exiv2 corrupted image metadata

Maik Qualmann metzpinguin at gmail.com
Sun Nov 21 12:05:43 GMT 2021

I'm here on openSUSE Tumbleweed also on Exiv2-0.27.5 and can't find any 
problems. Can you send a corresponding image to my private mail, from which 
metadata can no longer be read?


Am Sonntag, 21. November 2021, 12:31:12 CET schrieb Hans-Peter Huth:
> Hi,
> after the last Manjaro stable update (i didn't notice this before),
> reading exif meta data seems to go wrong. Some images (JPGs) do not show
> any EXIF data.
> Starting digikam from the commandline, it says:
> 	digikam.metaengine: Cannot load metadata from file with Exiv2
> 	backend:
> 	/home/hph/Fotos/digicam/2021/November/2021-11-20/DSC01215.JPG
> 	(Error # 59 :  "corrupted image metadata"
> seems to be an issue with exiv2 which brings
> 	Exiv2 exception in print action for file
> 	/home/hph/Fotos/digicam/2021/November/2021-11-20/DSC01215.JPG:
> 	corrupted image metadata
> exiv2 is Version 0.27.5
> exiftool (Version 12.30) however can read perfectly all fields, so i assume
> the images are ok.
> Is this caused by a exiv2 version which is too new? Any ideas what to do?
> HP

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