[digiKam-users] exiv2 corrupted image metadata

Hans-Peter Huth hans-ph at web.de
Sun Nov 21 11:31:12 GMT 2021


after the last Manjaro stable update (i didn't notice this before),
reading exif meta data seems to go wrong. Some images (JPGs) do not show
any EXIF data.

Starting digikam from the commandline, it says:
	digikam.metaengine: Cannot load metadata from file with Exiv2
	(Error # 59 :  "corrupted image metadata"

seems to be an issue with exiv2 which brings
	Exiv2 exception in print action for file
	corrupted image metadata
exiv2 is Version 0.27.5

exiftool (Version 12.30) however can read perfectly all fields, so i assume
the images are ok.

Is this caused by a exiv2 version which is too new? Any ideas what to do?


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