[digiKam-users] Marble plugin missing

Émi V emilise.victor at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 23:19:59 GMT 2021


I recently installed Digikam 7.4.0 under Windows 10 and I have trouble
using the geolocation features.
When I open any of the map panels, I get the error :

No plugins were loaded, please check if the plugins were installed in one
of the following paths:

System Path: C:/Program Files/digiKam

Local Path: C:/Users/[user]/AppData/Local/.marble/plugins

Also check if the plugin is compiled against the right version of Marble.
Analyzing the debug messages inside a debugger might give more insight.

I have checked the configuration for "Marble" plugin but it is not listed.
I have tried installing Marble separately but it does not generate any
plugin usable by Digikam. I have no idea what to try next.
I have switched google maps but I would like to have a try with Marble !


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