[digiKam-users] Rename more pictures

Anna Chiara Malfatti annachiara.malfatti at gruppoindia.it
Thu Dec 23 13:25:20 GMT 2021

 I apologize if this is not the right address for my question...
(unfortunately I don't know English well)
I am using digiKam to keep my photo archive in order (very simple use: I
rename the photos and add a tag).
After a technical intervention on my PC (user change), I can no longer
rename multiple pictures.
If I select a single picture there is no problem: in the window I see the
current name and the new name and everything works.
If I select two or more images (and set a new name like "name_##") in the
window I see the new name followed by a string like "file____C_Users...."
(it follows the path to the folder where the digiKam db is located);
however, if I click OK I get an error message.
How can I solve this?
Thank you very much!
  Anna Chiara
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