[digiKam-users] Questions from a DigiKam Newb (on Linux)

Stuart T Rogers stuart at stella-maris.org.uk
Tue Dec 7 22:10:04 GMT 2021

1. see menu item View Include Album Subtree

2. You can have photos anywhere you like as long as your user is 
authorised to view that location.

3. If your distro does not include a pre-built installer then either 
request they do or change distro. Several distros do have pre built 
packages. Sorry not familiar with Zorin.


On 07/12/2021 17:40, Dr Mark A. Garlick wrote:
> Dear all
> I'm liking DigiKam 7.3.0 but there are some issues that can't seem to
> get around. Feel free to chime in if anyof you Linux brains can help
> me. (Note: I'm a Linux Newb too!)
> 1. Is there any way that by clicking on an album in the tree, you can
> view all photos in that album, EVEN those in the album's sub-folders?
> As far as I can fathom, you can only see photos in sub-folders by
> clicking on the actual sub-folder.
> 2. I'm running the app via an AppImage. The version that comes bundled
> with my distro (Zorin) is limited in that it only permits me to add
> photos to the collection if they are in my user folder /home/username.
> This is ridiculous. I don't have the knowledge or time to work out how
> to create a build myself. Does anybody have a recent build I can
> install?
> 3. As I'm running an AppImage it seems there is no way I can edit the
> themes or use new ones. Is there a workaround? The installed themes are
> not to my liking. Sorry.

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