[digiKam-users] People thumbnail not zoomed to face?

KfUT10yxdw KfUT10yxdw at protonmail.com
Mon Aug 23 08:15:58 BST 2021

Maik Qualmann wrote
> Which image type does the problem occur with?

Seeing it specifically with Fujifilm RAF raw image files. Upon further
testing not seeing the same issue with Canon CR2 files.

There seem to be two versions of the issue I am seeing, one where it picks a
similarly sized spot elsewhere in the frame, and one where it instead shows
the full image. Both are demonstrated in the linked screenshot.

The RAF files are stored locally in an x86 desktop. Issue identified in
Fedora KDE, but I have now also tested and confirmed it in Windows 10 as

With a fresh install on Fedora KDE, it appears to be triggered by enabling
“Read from sidecar files” while “Write to XMP sidecar for read-only item
only” is enabled in Metadata->Sidecars, even when writing facetags is not
enabled in Metadata->Behavior

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