[digiKam-users] Read tags from a file

Carles Pina Estany c.pinaestany at arctic-century.net
Thu Aug 12 15:27:42 BST 2021

Hi again,

A 2021-08-10 19:08, Gilles Caulier escrigué:
> Hi,
> I just tested with digiKam 7.4.0 daily build from today, and copied
> your image and the sidecar in my local collection from my MacBook Pro,
> ... and no problem. Tags are imported into the database.

It was a mistake on our side (you can decide if Digikam should behave 

In our intranet we had these two files:

If we do right-click and "Save as" with Google Chrome (the photographer) 
the file were named by Google Chrome as:

My colleague Jen and I use Firefox on Linux. Doing the "Save as" the 
files were named like:


we missed to see the jpeg VS JPG difference on Mac OS X because we were 
checking this usually with the Finder instead of the terminal.

We sent the files to you and probably they had the correct name :-)


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