[digiKam-users] Complete newb need help

Tom Cunningham TWCunningham627 at outlook.com
Mon Aug 2 02:54:17 BST 2021

DigiKam can import your photos into folders by date, and then rename them with a date and sequence number if you want.  The digiKam Handbook (https://docs.kde.org/trunk5/en/digikam-doc/digikam/digikam.pdf) explains the process in section 2.8.3.  Dmitri Popov’s book, digiKam Recipes, also covers import operations in section 7.  I usually import into a folder called Imports, and digiKam creates subfolders based on the dates of the imported photos.  Then I move the dated folders into a folder structure called Albums organized by decade, year, and subject/event/location.  I have digiKam point to both the Albums and Imports folders, so I can edit photos in the Imports folder, and search/archive/whatever in the Albums folder.  But as Maik said, the Imports and Albums folders are just regular native operating system folders (Windows/Linux/OS X) in which you tell digiKam to look for photos.
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