[digiKam-users] Face Tags Not Listed

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Thu Sep 24 19:18:55 BST 2020

Yes the face regions are there, I can see them in the preview and if I 
look at the metadata the region info is there as well.  Also I just 
checked the database for one of the pics and ImageTagProperties has the 
tagRegion data.

What else can it be?



On 24/09/2020 17:13, woenx wrote:
> It is most likely that the tags (keywords) are written into the metadata, but
> there are no "face regions" associated with those tags. In theory these are
> separate entities, but digikams treats them as one if they match in name.
> Basicaly some pictures have your granddoughters tagged on them, but there is
> no rectangle pointing their face stored in the image. You would need to
> detect faces again for those pictures (right click, Scan for faces).
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