[digiKam-users] FaceTags not showing

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Mon Sep 21 20:11:15 BST 2020

Yes you certainly have helped, thank you.

This is what I did -

First took a backup of whole album on DK7.1 and DK5.6
On 5.6 ran Tools > Maintenance > Sync Metadata and Database - direction 
from database to image
Copied all pictures from 5.6 system to 7.1 system
On 7.1 ran Tools > Maintenance > Sync Metadata and Database - direction 
from image to database

It took many, many hours to run, but it is all done now and it all looks 

Many thanks for your help


On 20/09/2020 22:51, woenx wrote:
> Ok, I just checked. P1.JPG (the one you have in digikam 5.6) does not have
> any face information in it, but P4.JPG does (it has three faces in it). This
> is why digikam 7.1 cannot find any faces in P1.JPG. Basically, the
> information of P1.JPG is only in digikam's 5.6 database, but not in the
> picture.
> In order to correct that, you should write the metadata from digikam 5.6 to
> the files themselves. Select all the files you want to synchronize, go to
> "Item / Write metadata to file". Then copy those pictures to digikam's 7.1
> library, re-scan them, and you'll see how the faces now appear.
> As I mentioned before, if you just want to make sure some metadata has been
> written to a picture without having to open digikam, use this simple
> website: http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi . If you upload a picture with
> faces, it will show as Faces and Picasa Face Data in the Basic Image
> Information table.
> I hope I helped.
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