[digiKam-users] FaceTags not showing

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Sun Sep 20 22:51:03 BST 2020

Ok, I just checked. P1.JPG (the one you have in digikam 5.6) does not have
any face information in it, but P4.JPG does (it has three faces in it). This
is why digikam 7.1 cannot find any faces in P1.JPG. Basically, the
information of P1.JPG is only in digikam's 5.6 database, but not in the

In order to correct that, you should write the metadata from digikam 5.6 to
the files themselves. Select all the files you want to synchronize, go to
"Item / Write metadata to file". Then copy those pictures to digikam's 7.1
library, re-scan them, and you'll see how the faces now appear.

As I mentioned before, if you just want to make sure some metadata has been
written to a picture without having to open digikam, use this simple
website: http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi . If you upload a picture with
faces, it will show as Faces and Picasa Face Data in the Basic Image
Information table.

I hope I helped.

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