[digiKam-users] New to Linux. New to Digikam. Can't delete duplicate photos.

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Fri Sep 11 11:17:54 BST 2020

On mercredi 9 septembre 2020 23:59:49 CEST Rod Martin wrote:
> I installed the 7.0.0 version of Digikam a few days ago and am testing
> out importing some of my Apple Photos photos into Digikam as a test. I'm
> currently running Linux Mint 19.3.
> I did a search for duplicate images and found several. However, when I
> try to delete some, I am unable to and get the message: "Could not move
> image /pathto/pictureon/NAS/Album.png to collection trash."
> I'm not sure why I am unable to delete these images. Any suggestions?
If you use just the <delete> key, digikam tries to move the images (and 
associated sidecar files) to a private trash directory. 
It looks as if that directory doesn't exist on your system (permission 
problem?), or that you/digikam don't have write permission for it (not 
unlikely with a NAS). 

As the same sourcecode for digikam has to run on different operating systems, 
using the system trashcan wasn't feasible (too many differences between OSs), 
so it uses a private trashcan.

But if you are *sure* that you want to get rid of the selected images, 
<shift>+<del> permanently deletes them without passing through trash. Keep in 
mind that this operation is irreversible, gone is gone.


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