[digiKam-users] Performance Tips for Dealing with 1.6M Images?

Rafael Linux rafael.linux.user at gmail.com
Sun Sep 6 10:31:22 BST 2020


My case is with about 300K photos, most of them JPG. I am using using an SSD
hard disk to store Digikam database (internal MySQL experimental one) and
photographies are in a normal, 2TB hard disk, so the slowest part was when
Digikam needed to scan ALL photos.

>From Digikam 6, most issues (Digikam took about 5 minutes each time I
launched) were fixed. However, with Digikam 7, in any album, if I change the
"order" (sort) view , it takes an anormal time to each time I need to sort

Where do you have stored database?

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