[digiKam-users] Performance Tips for Dealing with 1.6M Images?

DoctorWkt digikam at tuhs.org
Sun Sep 6 01:25:47 BST 2020

Hi all, first time poster here. My wife Deanne, an avid photographer, just
passed away and I've got her 1.6 million photos into a ZFS filesystem. Can
anybody point me at tips for improving/optimising Digikam performance as, at
the moment, sometimes I get hit with delays from 10s to minutes when doing

Here's my setup: 64-bit Debian, Linux 4.19.118, 32G RAM, i5-4570 CPU @
3.20GHz, SSD with mariadb-server-10.3. digikam-7.0.0-x86-64.appimage using
the Maria database (no Sqlite). The images are stored on a ZFS filesystem
with two 8T drives, mirrored.

Are there any logs which I could look at to get clues on the performance

Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Warren

P.S. I'm also getting a segfault when doing face detection; I suspect it is
just one image causing the problem. Any pointers on how to capture the
details and report it? Thanks!

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