[digiKam-users] Reverse geotagging and Location fields reported by exiftool

Remco Viƫtor remco.vietor at wanadoo.fr
Mon Nov 23 11:42:15 GMT 2020

On dimanche 22 novembre 2020 12:13:32 CET Dougie Nisbet wrote:
> I used to use geosetter ( https://geosetter.de/en/main-en/ ) for
> geotagging photos before I moved to digikam for photo management. I
> found the Geolocation and Reverse Geocoding a bit confusing to begin
> with but now I've got the hang of it I find it great to have it all in
> one place in a single program.
> I've noticed that geosetter sets the Location fields in the exif data,
> but as far as I'm aware digikam does not do this. I use a 'Places' tag
> hierarchy in digikam for my location data and it works fine. I have
> 'Write tags to XMP ticked'.
>  From what I've read I appreciate that exif data is a bit of a minefield
> and I don't really understand the subtle differences between IPTC XMP
> and EXIF fields. Furthermore, this isn't a big problem for me I just
> want to make sure that I haven't missed a setting somewhere that writes
> the data into the Location fields.

According to the online manual, reverse geolocation results are (only) written 
in the tag tree, not to specific IPTC fields. Might be an interesting feature 

If your tag tree is consistent, it might be possible to update the sidecars 
through a script using Exiftool (then reread metadata through digikam). 
Sidecars only use XMP formatted metadata, IPTC fields are included through the 
proper namespace. 


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