[digiKam-users] Face detection stopped

Rob Dueckman duke at dukey.org
Mon Nov 23 01:39:46 GMT 2020

If the scan completes, but you see many missed faces you can try
running the most recent daily of beta2 from


It will ask to download some data files on first start up.  OK that as
they are required for some plugins and face detection.  A added bonus
is it downloads a larger training dataset called YOLOv3.  In face
detection options,  you will see a check box to enable it.  Be prepared
for many new faces if you re-scan your library.

On Sun, 2020-11-22 at 19:31 +0000, Börje Lindström wrote:
> I have around 50.000 pictures and on these there are roughly 150.000
> faces. Digikam has detected most of the faces but now stopped
> detecting. Is there any limit in number of faces or is it a bug?
> Im running the 7 .2 .0 Beta1 on Win 10
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