[digiKam-users] How to show original date taken on image thumbnails

Budge ajebay at errichel.co.uk
Thu Nov 19 20:58:41 GMT 2020

I am just starting out with digiKam and have started to assemble my albums in one place to start tagging.  At present the digital images only have the metadata from the images and the date shown on the copies I have are dated with the date when file was copied not the date taken.  

Is it possible to create a script to add the date taken into the caption or visible caption on the thumbnails?  

I also have to tag/edit several thousand images scanned from negatives without any dates when the pictures were taken.  The date does not therefore appear automatically in the file name or at present the caption.  What I seek to do is achieve a consistent approach for both scanned negatives and my later digital images so getting this right is important so that when I wish to add a date to a scanned image, assuming I can identify it, I can add this by hand but the appearance of all the Thumbnails will be consistent.


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