[digiKam-users] Moved entire collection and database. How to point digiKam to new location?

Mike Morrison mike at mikemorr.com
Sat Nov 14 17:55:49 GMT 2020

Hi all,
Using 7.2.0-beta1 on Ubuntu 20.10.
Up to now, I've kept my entire collection, and the digiKam database files,
at the root level of an external hard drive.
Just now, I'm starting with a new Ubuntu install, and I've copied the
entire drive to a directory on the internal SSD, so the image folders and
db files are now at ~/Pictures/digiKam_Photos.
I do not write digiKam metadata to the image files.
I told the digiKam startup wizard this new location for my collection, and
digiKam found the database and most thumbnails with no problem. However, it
seems to have lost track of the full-size images. In the People view, there
are no face thumbnails, only blank gray "JPG" icons. When I double-click on
those icons, a tooltip says "The storage location of this image is
currently not available". How can I tell digiKam that the images are still
all there, but now with relative paths rooted at
/home/mike/Pictures/digiKam_Photos instead of /media/mike/PHOTOS ?
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