[digiKam-users] Slow raw processing

Hans-Peter Huth hans-ph at web.de
Fri Nov 6 11:13:55 GMT 2020

On Fri, 6 Nov 2020 10:15:22 +0100
Gilles Caulier <caulier.gilles at gmail.com>

> Hi,
> Raw processing is delegate in digiKam to libraw (https://www.libraw.org)
> Libraw does not use video cards acceleration for compatibility and
> stability purposes, but uses openmp to parallelize demosaicing
> computation.
> openmp support is optional in libraw. If your digiKam is not compiled
> with openmp dependency, demosaicing will be processed on one core.
> Check in Help/Components Info dialog in digiKam if openmp support is
> enabled.

digikam says:

digikam version 7.1.0
CPU cores: 4
Eigen: 3.3.8
Exiv2: 0.27.3
Exiv2 supports XMP metadata: Yes
HEIF encoding support: Yes
ImageMagick codecs: 7.0.10
KF5: 5.75.0
LensFun: 0.3.95-0
LibCImg: 130
LibJPEG: 80
LibJasper: 2.0.19
LibLCMS: 2100
LibLqr support: Yes
LibPGF: 7.19.03
LibPNG: 1.6.37
LibRaw: 0.20.0
LibTIFF: 4.1.0
Marble: 0.27.20
Parallelized demosaicing: Yes
Qt: 5.15.1
Qt WebEngine support: Yes
Rajce support: Yes
VKontakte support: No
AkonadiContact support: Yes
Baloo support: Yes
Calendar support: Yes
DBus support: Yes
Database backend: QSQLITE
HTML Gallery support: Yes
LibAVCodec: 58.91.100
LibAVFormat: 58.45.100
LibAVUtil: 56.51.100
LibGphoto2: 2.5.26
LibOpenCV: 4.5.0
LibQtAV: 1.13.0
Media player support: Yes
Panorama support: Yes

No OpenMP in the component info? But 'Parallelized demosaicing' and OpenCL
support are there. Is this something i should report to the packager? 

I can't crosscheck with the digikam-7.1.0-x86-64.appimage (and one
older appimmage) because it does not start ("unknown: Could not initialize


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