[digiKam-users] installation via appimage - how do I access my existing library and settings?

Rob Brown brownphotographic at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 15:01:57 GMT 2020

Hello, I have been having problems with the snap for 7.1.0 on an ubuntu
based distro (poor support for media, other basic system stuff). When I
logged a bug, someone kindly informed me to try the appimage instead.
So I have...

- uninstalled the snap
- downloaded and tried to install the appimage (7.1.0 stable)

Now I am stuck

I have successfully launched the app image but I get the startup
install wizard of digikam, which asks for the location of my images,
and location to put the sqllite library.

I have already spent the past week migrating into digikam and have:
a) a well organized library
b) settings in digikam

Is there a method of skipping the wizard process and have digikam point
to my:
a) existing library?
b) existing settings?

Seems like an oversight in the digikam install interface to not allow
someone to choose an existing library, and other settings? Or am I
missing something?

If I go this appimage route to use the app, if I want to upgrade the
version I expect I will be faced with the same problem.

Thank you 

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