[digiKam-users] Client/Server: Indexing possible on server?

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Fri Aug 28 15:40:33 BST 2020

Le 28/08/2020 à 16:12, Remco Viëtor a écrit :

> I think a more likely problem is going to be the X-windows/openGL needed on
> the server. 

I did this often (but not recently), n!  (https://www.nomachine.com/fr) 
is probably the best, but vnc is pretty good also


In many cases, there's no need to install GUI software on a
> server, and there are good reasons not to install it (simpler, so less options
> for bugs and attacks).

nope. no port open, twm is enough, if even necessary



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