[digiKam-users] Display Title and Captions

Ricardo Zettl ricardo.zettl at yahoo.cl
Fri Oct 25 17:11:00 BST 2019

Title an captions are displayed in digiKam Thumbnails.
Is it possible to display the title and caption of an image in Preview 
and Full Screen, too?
Would be a nice to have.

I noticed that just Flickr displays the titles an captions determined in 
Other platforms ignore the titles an captions in the file and urge you 
to set new ones with there software, i.e. Nikon Image Space. Neither do 
I know a File Browser ore Image Browser that displays titles and/or 
captions. To see them in Windows you need to see Properties in the File 

Is there someone how knows about that issue?

Ricardo Zettl

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