[digiKam-users] Avoid full rescan if a network collection isn't available?

Alex Antão alex at familiaturista.com.br
Tue Oct 22 12:31:18 BST 2019

I don't know if this is related, but....

In my Mac, I have been exporting my photos to my external HD.

I mounted it on /Volumes/FOTOS, and exported a lot os files there. 

Configured this directory as a network drive in Digikam and also to watch this for external changes.

Then, I quit Digikam, unplugged the drive and plugged it on my Time Capsule. 

Then shared the drive over network and mounted back in my Mac on the same directory: /Volumes/FOTOS

When I started Digikam, it stopped loading on splashscreen and kept this for hours. Never fully loaded. 

Then, I forced it to finish, umounted the Volume and loded Digikam again. It loaded with the DB fully loaded, didn't cleaned it and rescanned again.

Then, for one more test, I mount the network drive back again, but Digikam stopped watch the directory for external changes, I added and removed files but digikam didn't see those changes.

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Le 22/10/2019 à 02:13, Andrey Goreev a écrit : 
> For some reason the collection was marked as 'local'. I am not sure how 
> did that happen. I am pretty positive I chose 'network' when was adding it. 
some time again (may be some years) removable collections where marked 
local at some point. 
I dunno if it's still the case, probably not, but don't remember when 
the fix was done 
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