[digiKam-users] Face Tags Problem

Mick Sulley mick at sulley.info
Wed Oct 16 19:46:52 BST 2019

I have a bunch of 68 pictures with a face tag problem.  The last picture 
(they are all named  with date/time) has 6 face tags which are correct, 
but the previous 67 pictures all have the same face tags in exactly the 
same positions.  These pictures were taken on the same day in September 
2016 and would have been tagged shortly after.  Just looking at the 
pictures I would have tagged all of them, so whatever the problem is has 
erased the original tags and copied the tags from pic 68 to the previous 67.

What can cause this?  I use only Digikam for tagging, nothing else.  I 
cannot be certain which version I was running at the time but I 
generally upgrade to a new release shortly after it is announced as a 
stable release.  I also don't know when the problem occurred, just 
happened to notice it today.

I am running on Linux Mint 64 bit.  I have it set to write to sidecar files.

If I open the .xmp file I can see the names of the people which display 
in the incorrect tags, but I can also see the names of the people who 
are actually in the picture but their tags do not appear, so I must have 
tagged them and it was recorded.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour?  Any idea what could cause it?  Is 
it possible to recover from it?



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