[digiKam-users] Digikam will not run on latest MacOS Catalina

willemx willemx at xs4all.nl
Tue Oct 8 17:41:35 BST 2019

I have removed the NFS mount from the digikam preferences, but this does not
solve my problems.
Digikam can connect to the SQL server on the Synology NAS, but starting
digikam still takes about 20 minutes. 
I did create a SMB share which is now available on my Mac as
/Volumes/digikam, but I cannot enter this as a location for a remote
collection in the digikam preferences. The little file browser in the
collection location chooser will not let me browse to the share.
Also I now have a problem with my digikam instance on my Linux machine. It
seems that the collection locations are global to all machines, and on my
Linux machine I still have my NFS share pointing to /mnt/idefix/digikam. I
was also planning to use my Windows machine as a digikam workstation, and
there the share has even another path name.
So how should I set my collection locations in digikam? I have only one
physical location for my photo's (on the Synology NAS) but this has a
different pathname on the workstations that connect to it. Can digikam
handle this situation?
And then there is still this problem that starting digikam on my Mac now
takes 20 minutes...

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