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Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Oct 8 09:41:29 BST 2019

Q : it's RAW images ?

If no, well camera store probably a wrong orientation in Exif metadata.
It's a know problem with some camera or phone.
If yes, well, welcome in mess RAW world, where preview JPEG embedded in RAW
do not use the same orientation than RAW image data. Of course JPEG
embedded do not always have Exif info...

Gilles Caulier

Le mar. 8 oct. 2019 à 09:22, jdd at dodin.org <jdd at dodin.org> a écrit :

> Le 05/10/2019 à 19:21, Maik Qualmann a écrit :
> > The rotation is executed correctly.
> >> I still have in 6.3 a very old bug with rotation.
> >>
> >> I have the setup of "do not show the image accounting with the rotation
> >> flag", else I couldn't know what image to rotate (not every program
> >> knows of this flag).
> >>
> >> On the digikam thumbnail view (the most usual), if I see an vertical
> >> image and I clic once on the rotate left icon, the iage is rotated left
> >> by 180° when it should be 90°.
> >>
> I'm sorry to insist on this problem, but it hits me badly.
> May be I found the problem?
> * the "show image thumbnail according to the rotation tag" seems to be
> wrong and do exactly the opposite. If clicked, the image *is not*
> rotated. Vertical image (tagged left, bottom) is seen with top to the left.
> * the same image, rotated in the editor or in digikam *is* seen vertical
> and quoted top, left
> thanks
> jdd
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> http://dodin.org
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