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Sun Oct 27 01:32:15 BST 2019

"What does lossless mean?
[...]JPEGCrops avoids this degradation by using JPEGTran which doesn't
repack the JPEGs: It merely throws away some of the data and keeps the
rest unchanged.

Can I crop as I like?
The lossless rotation only works when the width and the height of the
image can be divided by 16. Actually that's sometimes 8, but I haven't
found the time to make a check for that. The lossless cropping has
similar requirements for the upper left corner of the cropping area."

When the user draws a wire frame with the mouse, the frame will
increase or decrease automatically until the borders of the frame will
fit exactly for the nearest lossless frame size.

It worked perfectly.

What do you think about such a functionality for DigiKam?

For me, lossless cropping is an essentiell part of the workflow, not
just a nice to have feature.

The usability of JPEGCrops is (for me) the best I ever found for
The user could interact with the mouse or with keyboard shortcuts

I don't know any interaction design for cropping which allows faster
and easier cropping than JPEGCrops keyboard shortcuts.
May be you like to get a look. May be there are some details, which
fit for DigiKams transforming feature?

Just as a suggestion :)

I see, that you are one of the developers:

Thanks to you and to the other developers for DigiKam. 
I like it a lot. :)


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