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Dougie Nisbet dougie at katsura.uk
Wed May 29 14:21:16 BST 2019

Thanks for the detailed reply. Much appreciated.

On 29/05/2019 11:43, Remco Viƫtor wrote:
> On mercredi 29 mai 2019 11:29:04 CEST Dougie Nisbet wrote:
>> I'm retrying digikam after years of using shotwell (and previously
>> f-spot). After initially importing my original images in their original
>> location (~100,000) I'm now trying to import and copy from a local folder.
>> My workflow with shotwell is something like:
>> Images in /store1/images/YEAR/MONTH/DAY
>> New images somewhere local, e.g. /home/dougie/in
>> I rarely, if ever, import directly from a camera or memory card. I
>> prefer to do an  initial pass, using something like geeqie, on my
>> incoming photos to weed out unwanted images. I may also add some
>> geolocation information.
> Digikam can also add the geolocation info, and scrolling through the images to
> weed out unwanted ones is easy. I usually use the green/yellow/red flags to
> mark images to keep/review/throw away on a first pass (using shortcuts to
> navigate and tag), then select all red flags for deletion in one step.

Yes I sometimes do something similar in Shotwell, marking for later 
deletion. I've not explored Digikam's geolocation possibilities yet but 
generally I do this in Windows using the geosetter program which I like. 
My two sources are usually iPhone and DSLR. Usage is not consistent - 
the occasional event (several hundred photos) then normally just a few 
each day. Probably not too difficult to change my habits to manually 
store them in date folders.

I've found:
>> 1. If I click on the Import option on the menu bar, digikam attempts to
>> look at my (unmounted) external USB drive where I store backup images.
>> It freezes the import window during this. However, during this time I
>> can see some rename options on the Import window, I just can't do
>> anything with it.
> Is the directory with your backups registered with Digikam as a collection?
No. In fact the drive is not even mounted by default. In fact I'd 
forgotten all about it until digikam spotted it. I have a nightly script 
that runs overnight that mounts and unmounts it for the backup. It does 
have an entry in /etc/fstab though.
>> 2. If I disconnect my USB drive (the only way I could figure out how to
>> stop digikam looking at it), the Import option on the menu bar is
>> unavailable. The options on the Import drop-down menu are of little use.
>>   From the searching I've done, I've seen various suggestions, including
>> Ctrl-I (no effect). The 'Add Images' and 'Add Folders' options are
>> greyed out.
> When I use the "Import" menu (on Digikam 6.1.0) with no external media
> attached, I do get the "Add Folder" option, just options concerning external
> media are grayed out. And there's no reason to have the "add images" and "add
> folder" options grayed out, normally...
>> I considered adding ~dougie/in as a collection, but I suspect it would
>> leave the photos in place, whereas I want them imported and renamed and
>> copied to /store1/images.
> You can still move the images around within and between collections from
> within Digikam.

Yes this is something that's impressed me a lot so far. It looks like I 
can even rename files and digikam will cope quickly and automatically. I 
often rename image files automatically using a script based on the image 
tags. This is helpful if I want to store them somewhere else - e.g. 
Dropbox - and perform searches for particular photos.

> Remco

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