[digiKam-users] Just over 100k photos - mysql internal or sqlite

Dougie Nisbet dougie at katsura.uk
Wed May 29 11:23:57 BST 2019

Since I'm just starting out with digikam I thought this was the time to 
experiment with migrating to mysql. On the configuration screen digiKam 
can find the binary for mysql_install_db but not mysqld. mysqld is 
installed and when I use 'find' to tell it that the binary is in 
/usr/sbin/mysqld it looks promising.

However, trying to migrate the database gives the pop-up error window:

An error occurred during the internal server start.

Details: Could not start database initialiser.

Executable: mysql_install_db

Arguments: --datadir=/store1/images/.mysql.digikam/db_data, 

Process error: Unknown error

and on the command line I see:

Digikam::DatabaseServer::processErrorLog: Arguments: 
Digikam::DatabaseServer::processErrorLog: Stdout: "Neither host 'office' 
nor 'localhost' could be looked up with\n'/usr/sbin/resolveip'\nPlease 
configure the 'hostname' command to return a correct\nhostname.\nIf you 
want to solve this at a later stage, restart this script\nwith the 
--force option\n\nThe latest information about mysql_install_db is 

which is a bit off. resolveip is a command I didn't know existed but 
running it returns a local IP address for my host.

Performance using sqlite seems ok, and at just over 100k images I'm 
probably a borderline case so I thought I would try the mysql database 
option out of curiosity.

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