[digiKam-users] Showing original and versions. Is it working alright?

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Sun May 26 22:49:31 BST 2019

Although I mainly use Digikam to manage my picture library, from time to time
I adjust and save some pictures as new versions.

Anyway, when I click on the original or the versioned file, the versioning
panel tells me which is the original and which the derivative, and the
edition tools (Levels, color balance, etc.) that were used. So far so good.

But the thing is, digikam sometimes only shows the new version of the
picture, and sometimes the original AND the new version, even in the same
folder. That is regardless of the settings in Settings/Image
Editor/Versioning, where the original and intermediate steps can be shown or

Even if the originals should be hidden, Digikam shows them (and explicitly
recognizes them as the original).

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

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