[digiKam-users] Multiple simultaneous keyword entry

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Ah, OK. Is this the idea? With one or more photos selected in the photo pane, click on the Captions tab on the right hand pane, select Tags at the top, select (check) the tags you want. Apply. (screenshot attached if allowed).

Adobe Bridge, would be perfect for me if only it had the mapping capability of digiKam.
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Thank you for your response to my keywords question.

It's clear I didn't state that question clearly.

I am not talking about existing tags or keywords, so I can't select from an existing list or import from some other application.

As I examine each image, I decide on keywords for that image and those keywords belong to that image and only that image.  For example, if the image contains people, I will enter the names of the people as keywords so that I can search for those names at some later time.

I sometimes will also enter the location as a keyword, even though the image GPS data provides that information and even though there is a location field in the IPTC data.

I use the digiKam Edit Metadata window, not from the command line, and, to reiterate, the keywords are unique to each image and keyword entry is a time consuming task when done so one at a time for many images.

That's why I am trying to determine if there is a way to enter multiple keywords simultaneously in digiKam.  If you happen to be familiar with Adobe Bridge, Bridge allows this process when the keywords are separated by commas.
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