[digiKam-users] Multiple simultaneous keyword entry

digikam at 911networks.com digikam at 911networks.com
Sat Jul 27 18:38:02 BST 2019

On Sat, 27 Jul 2019 19:12:26 +0200
"jdd at dodin.org" <jdd at dodin.org> wrote:

> what is the difference between entering a "," and entering a "CR"??
> same number of keypress
> or maybe you want to do a copy/paste from an other app?
> in fact, I just tested the proposed way (enter tags then Enter),
> it's extremely fast

I think that you are missing the point. 

He was using something else and he is trying to replicate the same
thing in DK instead of adapting to DK to end up with similar results.



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