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Yes, you are indeed missing my point.

I am trying to avoid the "Press enter after each tag."

I want to enter up to 6 keywords (maybe more) all at once, with only one
press of the Enter key (or equivalent), and not have to press the Enter key
to enter each keyword.


Because if I have several hundred images and up to 6 keywords (or more) per
image, entering all those keywords one at a time consumes a significant
amount of time.

Entering multiple keywords at once and having digiKam recognize them as
individual keywords would be a significant reduction in image processing

Based on the responses so far, my tentative conclusion is that digiKam does
not have that capability.

But maybe I am wrong, and I am missing something.  If so, please let me
know.  Or confirm my conclusion that digiKam does not have the capability I

On Sat, Jul 27, 2019 at 8:31 AM woenx <marcpalaus at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I am not entirely sure of what you mean. Just add tags to pictures, and
> more
> than one, right? I have not used Adobe Bridge extensively, so I am not sure
> how it works there...
> Just go to the Captions panel at the right, Tag tab, and you can just write
> the tags you want for the selected picture in the text field at the top.
> Press enter after writing each tag. Click on "Apply" when you are done.
> I don't think it can be easier than that. Either that, i am missing
> something here.
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