[digiKam-users] digiKam Templates

Northern Colorado Event Photograph no.colo.event.photog at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 10:41:28 BST 2019

I have digiKam 6.0.0 installed on a Dell Latitude E6520 with 64 bit Win 7
Pro SP1, i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, NVIDIA 4200M Graphics adapter.

If I go to Settings/Configure digiKam/Templates:

1.  Enter Template Title in Template Title Field, click on OK.  Open
Templates again and title field is empty.

2.  Select Country from drop down list, click on OK.  Open Templates again
and country is reset to first in list (Aruba)

Have I missed something?  I checked the Bug reports at
https://bugs.kde.org/component-report.cgi?product=digikam and did not see
any entry about this issue.

Should I file a Bug report?
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