[digiKam-users] [digikam-users] Did BQM stop to use versioning ?

Nicolas Boulesteix nico.boulesteix at gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 21:08:08 BST 2019

Indeed, Gilles (Caulier), already help me here to make my user script shell
when I need it.

here is the script


exiv2 -m'/media/nicolas/DataShareSSD/exiv2-cleanup.cmd' $OUTPUT

exiv2 -Y'-26' -O'+2' -D'-12' ad $OUTPUT

But still no version are created after running the batch (and I think
previously it did).

Additionally, running this batch ending without keeping the "processed"
statut of the batch queue (I don't know why), at the end, all pictures
which was "checked" as done, suddenly are unchecked at the end.

Here one of the batch process I use:

        <queuetitle value="Pwg4K-BY-NC-SA-Urbex"/>
        <queuedesc value=""/>
        <useoriginalalbum value="0"/>
        <usemulticorecpu value="1"/>
        <conflictrule value="1"/>
        <renamingrule value="1"/>
        <rawloadingrule value="1"/>
        <jpegcompression value="75"/>
        <jpegsubsampling value="1"/>
        <pngcompression value="9"/>
        <tiffcompression value="0"/>
        <jpeg2000lossless value="1"/>
        <jpeg2000compression value="75"/>
        <pgflossless value="1"/>
        <pgfcompression value="3"/>
            <autobrightness value="1"/>
            <fixcolorshighlights value="0"/>
            <sixteenbitsimage value="0"/>
            <brightness value="1"/>
            <rawquality value="0"/>
            <inputcolorspace value="0"/>
            <outputcolorspace value="1"/>
            <rgbinterpolate4colors value="0"/>
            <dontstretchpixels value="0"/>
            <unclipcolors value="0"/>
            <whitebalance value="1"/>
            <customwhitebalance value="6500"/>
            <customwhitebalancegreen value="1"/>
            <halfsizecolorimage value="0"/>
            <enableblackpoint value="0"/>
            <blackpoint value="0"/>
            <enablewhitepoint value="0"/>
            <whitepoint value="0"/>
            <noisereductiontype value="0"/>
            <noisereductionthreshold value="0"/>
            <medianfilterpasses value="0"/>
            <inputprofile value=""/>
            <outputprofile value=""/>
            <deadpixelmap value=""/>
            <whitebalanceareax value="0"/>
            <whitebalanceareay value="0"/>
            <whitebalanceareawidth value="0"/>
            <whitebalanceareaheight value="0"/>
            <dcbiterations value="-1"/>
            <dcbenhancefl value="0"/>
            <expocorrection value="0"/>
            <expocorrectionshift value="0"/>
            <expocorrectionhighlight value="0"/>
            <toolname value="Resize"/>
            <toolgroup value="4"/>
            <index value="0"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter value="3840" type="int" name="LengthCustom"/>
            <parameter value="5" type="int" name="LengthPreset"/>
            <parameter value="true" type="bool" name="UseCustom"/>
            <parameter value="false" type="bool" name="UsePercent"/>
            <toolname value="Sharpen"/>
            <toolgroup value="3"/>
            <index value="1"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter value="0.5" type="double" name="RefocusCorrelation"/>
            <parameter value="0" type="double" name="RefocusGauss"/>
            <parameter value="5" type="int" name="RefocusMatrixSize"/>
            <parameter value="0.04" type="double" name="RefocusNoise"/>
            <parameter value="1" type="double" name="RefocusRadius"/>
            <parameter value="2" type="int" name="SharpenFilterType"/>
            <parameter value="10" type="int" name="SimpleSharpRadius"/>
            <parameter value="1" type="double" name="UnsharpMaskAmount"/>
            <parameter value="1" type="double" name="UnsharpMaskRadius"/>
            <parameter value="0.05" type="double"
            <toolname value="IccConvert"/>
            <toolgroup value="2"/>
            <index value="2"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter value="/usr/share/color/icc/colord/sRGB.icc"
type="QString" name="ProfilePath"/>
            <toolname value="AssignTemplate"/>
            <toolgroup value="8"/>
            <index value="3"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter value="CC BY NC SA" type="QString"
            <toolname value="ConvertToJPEG"/>
            <toolgroup value="7"/>
            <index value="4"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter value="76" type="int" name="Quality"/>
            <parameter value="0" type="int" name="SubSampling"/>
            <toolname value="UserScript"/>
            <toolgroup value="1"/>
            <index value="5"/>
            <version value="1"/>
            <parameter value="0" type="int" name="Output filetype"/>
            <parameter value="cp $INPUT $OUTPUT &#xa;exiv2
-m'/media/nicolas/DataShareSSD/exiv2-cleanup.cmd'  $OUTPUT&#xa;exiv2
-Y'-31' -O'+5' -D'-9' ad  $OUTPUT" type="QString" name="Script"/>

Le lun. 22 juil. 2019 à 20:23, Maik Qualmann <metzpinguin at gmail.com> a
écrit :

> With the "user script shell" you have to provide for a new output file, if
> your operation creates none. Here:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=393382
> Maik
> Am Montag, 22. Juli 2019, 12:33:02 CEST schrieb Nicolas Boulesteix:
> > Hi,
> >
> > If I remember well, previously, BQM created new versions for new files
> > resulting of a bqm processing, but recently, I notice no more versions
> > seems linked to the original file.
> >
> > Did I miss something or it's actually due to the new plugin system or BQM
> > never created new version (and I don't know how some version was created
> on
> > some of my photos) ?
> >
> > Could this due to the fact I use "user script shell" ?

Nicolas Boulesteix - Chasseur de Lueurs - http://www.photonoxx.fr
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