[digiKam-users] More fighting with DigiKam

HaJo Schatz hajo at hajo.net
Tue Apr 30 11:01:22 BST 2019

On Thu, Apr 25, 2019 at 7:58 AM James Orr <jorr1948 at earthlink.net> wrote:

>   Most of my new files are CR2 raw from Canon EOS 6D Mk II. Database
> statistics show total images as 17853 in 1080 folders. As far as I can tell
> from spot checks, neither tagging nor color/pick labels stick. The database
> is configured as SQLite.
> Metadata behavior for WRITE TO METADATA, all are checked, except for face
> tags. READING AND WRITING METADATA none are checked. SODECARS is sent to
Writing metadata _to_ the CR2? That's generally a bad idea in any case; did
you try to write to sidecars instead? CR2 is an undocumented format,
writing metadata there is considered highly experimental and might corrupt
your data. Not even sure if Digikam supports this in the first instance, I
never dared trying ;-)
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