[digiKam-users] DateTimeOriginal

woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 28 15:33:36 BST 2019

Hey, I upgraded to the last version
(digikam-6.2.0-git-20190426T172018-qtwebkit-x86-64.appimage), and I think I
am having similar problems. Pictures in the same folder are not sorted by
date, but apparently by name or last modification time? I am not sure, it's
hard to tell.

I put in a folder several pictures taken from a camera and from a phone,
from the same event, but first the pictures from the camera are displayed,
and then the ones from the phone, despite having overlapping pictures. I
have checked other folders and it's similar, pictures from different devices
are not intermixed despite sorting by date.

(Of course, I have checked that they are set to sorted by Creation date in
the menu).

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