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woenx marcpalaus at hotmail.com
Sat Apr 27 18:57:17 BST 2019

I think that might be a side effect of the resolution of this bug:

Dates in the image can be stored in three places: Exif, IPTC and XMP. In
turn, Exif has Creation date/time, Original date/time (what you referred in
the subject), and digitization date/time. IPTC also has digitization and
creation, and XMP digitization, creation and, for some reason, video date.

I am not sure how exactly the algorithm determines which is the "Creation
Date" that digikam uses from all these fields, but apparently if two or more
field matches, that date has a higher priority. In any case, in digikam 5.9
Exif's Creation date/time had a higher priority than Exif's Original
date/time, but that was changed.  That's because Creation date and time is
often considered a modified date/time by other software (picasa and
lightroom, at least)  and will get overwritten often, while and Original
date/time is the true "Creation Date" of the picture (should match
digitization date, if that field is used).  Actually, "EXIF creation date"
is called "Modify Date" in exiftool.

Yeah, it can be a  bit confusing.

I'd check the metadata of the image using the metadata editor, and see what
dates are there. Digikam's creation date should be either Exif "Original
date and time", Xmp "Creation date", or IPTC Creation date" as first
options. Or any digitization dates if these are not present or are not

If you need to copy dates from one field to another from multiple pictures,
the TimeAdjust plugin does a good job.

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