[digiKam-users] From 6.0b3 to 6.0 and now all data is lost and can't see network share

neek nick-digikam at triantos.com
Tue Apr 9 05:27:20 BST 2019

I'm running Digikam on a Mac. I started with 6.0b1 and I've updated a few
times to b2, b3, and now to the release. I use mysql for the database. After
updating to the 6.0 release, I'm getting database connect errors. I fixed up
the database settings but now my list of collections is empty and I'm unable
to add in an automounted network share (e.g. /Volumes/xxx/myshare). The
/Volumes path is hidden from the UI.

This was all working in the last beta. I don't mind making the database
rescan everything but I'd like to be able to access the network share since
I try to use digikam from 2 different computers.

Any suggestions? Where's the right place to look for detailed logging?

thanks a lot.

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