[digiKam-users] Web based interface (in PHP etc)

jdd at dodin.org jdd at dodin.org
Mon Apr 8 20:38:40 BST 2019

Le 08/04/2019 à 21:07, woenx a écrit :
> Are we talking about the same piwigo?

I don't know what you expect. I use Piwigo for a lot of time now, with 


> serious rough edges that prevented normal usage, such as displaying any
> directory that had special characters such as aphostrophes
> (https://piwigo.org/bugs/view.php?id=3030).

like any software it have syntax guidelines. I can use "?" in file names 
(linux), when Windows wont like them... nor piwigo. use "detox" and voilà


> Apart from that, I personally prefer to write the metadata in the same
> picture file instead of sidecar files 

the problem is syncing metadata to/from web/local. It's not possible to 
send or receive full image files only to sync metadata, when moving xml 
files is easy and cheap. This do not prevent writing also to the images, 
as I always do



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