[digiKam-users] How to rebuild RAW thumbnails?

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at elfringham.co.uk
Sat Sep 29 08:12:53 BST 2018

On 29/09/18 07:55, Maik Qualmann wrote:
> I did not understand the problem at first, but I can reproduce it with my
> Nikon. First of all, it is not a good idea to take a image in B&W digitally.
> There are many more ways to do it later, but for the JPEG the color
> information is lost. There is currently no option in digiKam to specify that a
> thumbnail should be created from the RAW image. It uses the "fastest" source
> and that is the preview image. That was of course stored by the camera in B&W.
> Maik

Sounds like this could be a wishlist item for a 'sidecar-jpeg' which 
could be used for raw files to contain a preview image developed using 
the current edit settings for the raw file.


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