[digiKam-users] Odd problem with tags, a sort of 'ghost' tag

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Thu Sep 27 19:10:53 BST 2018

woenx <marcpalaus at hotmail.com> wrote:
> In theory, if you have checked the corresponding checkboxes in the Settings,
> Configure digikam, Metadata menu, everything should be written to the
> metadata. 

But *which* metadata, in the image or in Digikam's database?

> However, in digikam 5.8 or 5.9, old metadata was not deleted from the
> database when new metadata was found in a picture, so mismatches happened
> frequently. In digikam 6.0b that problem was solved and I've had no problems
> so far.
It sounds more and more like I need to move to 6.0 beta!

Chris Green

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