[digiKam-users] Properties tab: Change fields aligment to improve legibility (usability)

Gilles Caulier caulier.gilles at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 12:44:17 BST 2018


yes, this wish have been already sent in this mailing list in the past.

Please open a new file in digiKam bugzilla, i will take a look before 6.0.0
final release.

Thanks in advance

Gilles Caulier

2018-09-25 13:09 GMT+02:00 Rafael Linux <rafael.linux.user at gmail.com>:

> I'm working with a 24" monitor, with my default font at 120ppi, to make it
> readable. I have usually some copies or versions of my photos, that some
> software rename to "filename_001.ext", for example. Typically, my filenames
> include the date (YYYY-MM-DD) and some name. Nothing unusual, I think, so
> the filename could be usually at 25-30 characters. When I'm using Digikam,
> as filename doesn't fit below the thumbnail and the "tooltip" is slower, I
> always have enabled the "Properties" tab. This way, I change from image to
> image using cursor keys while I'm seeing in the properties tab the filename
> and the lenses I used to take the photo. However, most of time the text
> doesn't fit in the properties dock, when it could fit without needing to
> make stretch the dock with a interesting change in the properties tab: To
> make all fields to be aligned to left, instead center aligned. The result
> will be less aesthetic, but more readable and usable, making a better use
> of the properties area IMHO like user.
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