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Markus Leuthold digikam at titlis.org
Sun Sep 9 22:34:30 BST 2018

Hi Frederic

Currently, the integration of online photo sharing platforms with Digikam
is limited to manual upload (with tags). What's missing:

- Knowledge of Digikam which and when a Photo has been uploaded
- Automatism (e.g automatically upload all pics with more than 1 star)
- Update online metadata if changed in Digikam (tags, stars)

I've solved the problem by programming an external sync tool to keep my
local Digikam in sync with my SmugMug account. I'm not aware of an existing
tool for Flickr for that purpose.

As for the technical implementation, I added a new sql table "PhotoSharing"
(columns imageid, remoteId, mtime_tags), added a timestamp to the existing
tables ImageTags (changing tags of an image updates the timestamp) &
ImageInformation (changing the rating updates the timestamp). No code
change is needed in Digikam, only the database needs to be adopted. From
time to time, I need to run a python script to do the sync.

For me, the integration of Digikam with SmugMug now works quite well:
Changing a tag or rating in Digikam is now visible on SM after running the
external sync tool. Adding a photo with more than 1 star is uploaded to SM.
No more uncertainty if a pic is already online or not. No more manual
upload of a particular image, all handled with a single script.

Unfortunately, my script wouldn't work for you since Flickr uses a
different API compared to SM. Let me know if you feel comfortable with
programming/python/flickr API/sql, then I'm happy to share the code with
you such that you can adopt it to Flickr.

best, Kusi

On Sun, 9 Sep 2018 at 09:38, frederic chaume <frederic.chaume at gmail.com>

> Hi Maik
> I  'm looking to tag the original files on my PC that have been
> exported. Now if the tag is also exported, it is not a problem
> purpose is to know which files (on my PC) have been exported
> there is an option in export flick tool to add a tag, but unless I
> missed something, the tag is added to the image in flickr , not on the
> original file
> regards
> frederic
> Le 08/09/2018 à 21:41, Maik Qualmann a écrit :
> > Frederic,
> >
> > I understand your problem so that your tags are not exported to Flickr?
> I can
> > not reproduce the problem here if the option in the Flickr tool is
> enabled to
> > use the tags of the host application. Or do you want to add additional
> tags,
> > only for export?
> >
> > Maik
> >
> > Am Samstag, 8. September 2018, 09:58:50 CEST schrieb frederic chaume:
> >> Hi all
> >>
> >> I'm using Flickr to publish my pictures (should be the same for any
> >> other web based tools) , and I'm often wondering when looking my
> >> pictures in DK , which ones has been uploaded.
> >>
> >> one option is to manually put a tag once the file has been uploaded, but
> >> not really efficient (often forgoting to make it and too manual)
> >>
> >> I looked at the batch queue management tool in DK, but didn't find how
> >> to include export and tag into the batch queue
> >>
> >> In the export queue, there is an option to add a tag, but , unless I
> >> miss something, it add the tags in the exported pictures, not in the
> >> original ones.
> >>
> >> just would like to get your feedabck and your experience on this.
> >>
> >> thanks
> >>
> >> frederic
> >
> >
> >
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