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All these wishes in this thread are relevant of the student project while
Google Summer of Code, studied  by Thanh, and partially done.

You must know that for 6.0.0, we drop kipi support due to lack of support
from other kipi hosts teams, and due to limitations from kipi api, at least
for digiKam. We create kipi 12 years ago to share all plugins from digiKam
core and we design an API working with all others kipi hosts application.

The fact is that all plugins have growing in a closed space with features
more and less similar, or completely different. While developing digiKam
core intensively, kipi-plugins do not follow the mouvement and become more
and more outdated. Following development of both was impossible due to the
huge quantity of code to review, manage, fix, etc...

As more and less nobody support in time the plugins maintenance (especially
from outside of DK), the choice was simple :

- backport all the codes in digiKam core
- remove the kipi support. This permit to have one KDE dependency removed
and to simplify the puzzle.
- use everywhere the digiKam core API and simplify all implementations.
Previously a lots of interfaces was used to permit to each tools to work
properly with all kipi hosts applications.
- connect all plugins everywhere in digiKam core, and not only on albums
view. You can found all tools in image editor, Light table , and Showfoto.

This migration start on year ago. All plugins code was moved and ported to
digiKam API as well. We prepared a lots of classes to factoring all tools
implementations (widgets, talkers, dialogs, etc...). The goal was to
propose a project to a student this summer to :

- factorized all tools with common implementations when it's possible
(remote web service do not propose all the same features).
- tests the new implementations with remote web services.
- fix the old bugs and implement some new features. We have review all
previous bugs in bugzilla and killed a lots of entry with double checking.
This take a while : currently, more than 500 bugs are closed with next
6.0.0 release, and it's not yet complete.
- Prepare the future with a new common export tool which embed all web
services in a single one (as LR done).

This last stage is not yet complete. Thanh has done the best but time was
limited. Some web-services require a new registration and a review of the
export tool to be validated. The facebook one for ex, is just for me a
shame when FB ask to change the colors of the tool GUI to be near of the FB
GUI. It's not serious (and i don't give my personal viewpoint about this SN
- it's another story).

The plans also in the future are :

- to create a new plugins interface for DK only. I'm working on, and it's
not yet complete. We will not open the door to new applications to use the
DK tools, but we will open the API for extra developers who want to create
a new tool without to touch the core of DK.
- to open BQM to the plugins interface. This want mean to export BQM API
and create dedicated tools for BQM, but also to be able to use the web
service tools in BQM.

As you can see, there still a lots of works to do. Thanh can again
contribute next year to do the second stage one this migration, i'm still
in contact with him, we will see.

All these points listed in this thread are available in digiKam bugzilla :


To conclude, look also the digiKam 6.0.0-beta1 announcement parts :

- Web-service Tools Available Everywhere
- Web-Services Tools Factoring and Oauth Authentication.


VoilĂ .

Gilles Caulier

2018-09-08 9:58 GMT+02:00 frederic chaume <frederic.chaume at gmail.com>:

> Hi all
> I'm using Flickr to publish my pictures (should be the same for any other
> web based tools) , and I'm often wondering when looking my pictures in DK ,
> which ones has been uploaded.
> one option is to manually put a tag once the file has been uploaded, but
> not really efficient (often forgoting to make it and too manual)
> I looked at the batch queue management tool in DK, but didn't find how to
> include export and tag into the batch queue
> In the export queue, there is an option to add a tag, but , unless I miss
> something, it add the tags in the exported pictures, not in the original
> ones.
> just would like to get your feedabck and your experience on this.
> thanks
> frederic
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